Critical Race Theory in Education

This semester I took a course in Critical Race Theory in Education.  This course, of any that I’ve ever taken, is one that I would not only recommend to any graduate student or current faculty or administrator, but is also one that I would strongly recommend to the graduate school as a required course in the PFP Certificate.  It is essentially a survey course that covers CRT as well as other critical theories such as LatCrit, AsianCrit, TribalCrit, DisCrit, QueerCrit, Critical Race Feminism, and Critical Whiteness.  This incredibly influential course was a difficult one to process each week but the experience has made me a stronger educator, administrator, student, and citizen.

As a current and future educator, it is important for me to understand my Whiteness and the misled “colorblind” society that raised me. As someone working not with K12 students but with university students, it is imperative that we recognize who are students are, how they succeeded in getting to Virginia Tech, and how we are supporting their successful completion of their degrees.

I’d be more than happy to speak with any of my classmates about these topics, I have nothing but good things to say about the importance of this course!

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