“A Map of Education Technology Through 2040 [#Infographic]”

While not about how current faculty are using “disruptive” technologies, I found this infographic to be incredibly interesting in the claims it makes about education in the future.  I would love to see a similar infographic providing an overview of the past 30 years as the advent of public computer and internet use really took off during this time.  While it would obviously not be speculative as this infographic is, it would be incredibly informative to see a networked timeline of the advances of technologies in education.

This infographic, however does discuss the past five years and extends to 2040.   The highlights of our recent past include the use of tablets, electronic paper screens, interactive whiteboards, data projectors, educational games, badging systems, student developed apps, online academic communities, open courseware, and portable academic histories, to name just a few.  Each of these are technologies I have either used as a student or as a faculty member, though had I been asked before viewing this infographic, I probably could’ve only named 2-3.

Over the next five years such technologies as 3D printers, eye tracking systems, cascading knowledge maps, desk- and wall-sized screens, and entire mobile learning platforms are expected to really take off. I can imagine how these technologies will impact education but as they are already so readily available and accessible, I’m unsure that I can fully grasp their impact.

Some of the claims about the next few decades are the physical teaching spaces being redefined as “studios” and relying on, rather than incorporating technologies.  According to this visualization, before 2040 we should be in the realm of reactive furniture, retinal screens, neuro-informatics, holography, and immersive virtual reality.  I understand what these words mean and how they could potentially be used in education, but I am unsure of how great of an impact they will have on the entire learning environment.  I’m interested to see what technology that is not on this graphic really innovates our educational system out of left field.

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