Focusing on Student Learning

This week’s readings struck a chord with me in terms of my educational experiences.  Learning how to learn was the most fundamental piece of the puzzle that led to my academic (and professional) success.  My undergraduate research advisor told me to never take anything that I am told (or taught) for granted, in other words ‘Question Everything’.  The point he was making (at least I think it was the point he was making) was that I have the capability to learn and develop into a person that is as knowledgeable as the person originally professing the knowledge.  The consequence of this on my education was that I learned how to both ask questions and research independently.

Wesch’s point on focusing on the quality of learning as opposed to the quality of teaching s key to assuring the success of a student.  Information is changing so rapidly, regardless of the subject, that it is vital to facilitate the growth of a learner as opposed to the growth of a subject-specific expert.  Weimer referenced Shrock (1992) having a sign above the office light switch that reads “Why are you telling them this”.  If the answer falls in the category of the conveying of specific knowledge then the teacher should re-evaluate their role.

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