Summary of Jon Guttman’s “Stirrup and Lance”

Guttman’s article discussed both the use of the stirrup and it even went into more detail by discussing the importance of the lance. He discussed how horses have been used in army for a while and originally, horses were meant to be controlled with both hands when riding them. In the medieval times, they wanted to be able to use what was called a lance. Guttman described it as a long rod with a sharp metal tip. Instead of using a spear which was thrown, they used the lance to charge at enemies. The issue was that they needed to be able to control the horse and hold the lance at the same time. In order to do this, they had to use the stirrup which was invented between 500 and 700 B.C. This allowed for knights to control the horse with their feet and also hold the lance.The emergence of the stirrup helped other places also. For example Guttman says that the Asians would use it to be able to use a bow and arrow on a horse.

Later on in the reading, he goes into detail about the lance and how there have been many versions of it throughout the time period. First he discusses the classic medieval version which was a wooden rod about 10-12 feet long with a 2 inch diameter and a sharp metal spear tip. He said that Poland’s winged hussar’s used a lance that was longer but hollowed out towards the tip so that it was lighter. The lance eventually died out around world war 1 due to the advancements of firearms. However the stirrups are still currently used nowadays. This shows how innovative the stirrups are because they are so old, yet they are still being used in modern times.

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