#8 VT LUGG and Cyber Secuirty meeting experiences

I’d like to write a post on my experience with VT LUUG and Cyber Security meetings as we near the end of the semester. When I first started going to these meetings i was really excited and ready to learn whatever I could take away from these meetings. The people were awesome, and that really hasn’t changed, but yea the environment was great. But as I went to more and more meetings, I came to realize I really wasn’t getting as much as i could be getting from the meetings. I just didn’t know where to begin. They moved quickly and swiftly through the UNIX environment and that is probably through much use and practice. Even if i wanted to keep track of was going on, it just took me awhile to get where they were, and that’s something I could be working. Overall I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time though, I took bits and pieces away from each meeting, and sometimes the meetings were pretty funny and enjoyable.

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