Post #10 Final Project

In this post, I’d like to talk about my thoughts in general about the class, and just a tad about the final project. So yess! we finished the final project, and its pretty neat actually! With coding in C in the unix environment, and using our cerebot board from our micro class we were able to build a neat little chutes and ladders game. We display things on the oled, and using the button as well as the rotary for to move and select settings. I’m pretty happy about what we did. With the impending doom of finals, it also feels good that we dont have a final in this class and instead this project.

Talking about the class in general, as previously stated I do like the format in how its half online and half in class. However I didn’t like how it was in litton reeves! But i dont think we have control over that.  In terms of in class assignments and discussions, I thought they were valuable and appropriate use of our time. The out of class homeworks and assignments were difficult for me, but I should have asked for help to clear up my questions so i could have progressed more easily in this class. Because if you fall behind in one thing, then the next thing will be more difficult as it usually built on the previous assignment. So yea that was probably my greatest downfall not asking for help early. Overall i did like this class though, and would just have approached it differently in hindsight.

#9 final project

Our group has progressed quite well in the unix final project. Even with work being piled on from other classes, we got together set roles for one another and worked on it individually. From there we met up again and its coming along great. We tried our best to use the unix design philosophies. The one that sticks out the most when judging our own project so far, is the rule of modularity. With several coding functions that break down our project to how it works. I look forward to seeing what other groups have to offer, and see how they approached their project.

#8 VT LUGG and Cyber Secuirty meeting experiences

I’d like to write a post on my experience with VT LUUG and Cyber Security meetings as we near the end of the semester. When I first started going to these meetings i was really excited and ready to learn whatever I could take away from these meetings. The people were awesome, and that really hasn’t changed, but yea the environment was great. But as I went to more and more meetings, I came to realize I really wasn’t getting as much as i could be getting from the meetings. I just didn’t know where to begin. They moved quickly and swiftly through the UNIX environment and that is probably through much use and practice. Even if i wanted to keep track of was going on, it just took me awhile to get where they were, and that’s something I could be working. Overall I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time though, I took bits and pieces away from each meeting, and sometimes the meetings were pretty funny and enjoyable.