Post #5 Unix Midterm and 1st Cyber Security meeting

Yesterday I took the Midterm for this class. I thought the practice midterm was very useful in preparing me for the actual midterm. I got practice with grep, sed, and command line inputs for the terminal. Question 1 was pretty much identical to the practice midterm and i already had a handle of using the script and so forth. One thing i haven’t been doing well on are the python assignments/homeworks, and thankfully for the test it was more of a simpler error handling, and I didn’t really bother with the extra-credit portion. Hopefully overall i did okay on this test. This week I also attended my first Cyber Security meeting, and I thought it was really interesting! They went over several hacking techniques that are used by hackers and actually gave a demonstration. Except they were running into errors with the “phishing” technique, and i really wanted to see more of the techniques they were talking about. They also went over questions a competition that VT cyber security participated in. The way they solved these questions was through out of the box thinking and intuitive thinking, it was really impressive. I look forward to the next cyber security¬† meeting.

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