Post #3

Hmm i swear i had posted my #3 a few days ago, but after looking back today i don’t see it.. hmm thats annoying. Mainly what i talked about in my last post was how i had been behind on my post. A lot of things have happened since my last post, with several homeworks being done. The one thing i found difficult to use at first was simply submitting my homework through github. I felt the directions from github weren’t exactly clear but i was able to get through it eventually. Another thing in this class is that i still have to adapt to the linux environment. Its just very foreign to me, and having to do lots of things through the terminal, im just kinda slow at it. So im going to make it a goal from now on to start using the virtual machine when i can, as well as keep up to date with blogging. So until then..

Command School (#2)

On Wednesday in class we had a command school. Overall i thought it was very helpful and effective way to learn unix. Not only was it useful but it saved us time as well. We only had to learn one section and become experts. Once we had learned the topic, it was up to us to present the information to our peers so they knew it just as well as us. However, one thing i’ll have to do is go back and look at flags for several commands. Because we learned the commands at such a fast pace, i did miss some of the information, so in that sense the command school didnt work well. But overall it was a great idea to get a basis of the more commonly used commands in unix, and should be used again for the future.



The beginning (#1)

This class is actually my first time using any version of Linux. I had to start completely from scratch. I choose to use a virtual machine over a usb or partition simply for personal preference. I can tab in and out between ubuntu and windows and i don’t have to restart my computer. The only con is that it isn’t full screen. I haven’t played around with the virtual machine fully, so I’m not sure if i can change that or not. Additionally, I’m taking this class along with ECE 3574, and since we work in similar environments in both classes, hopefully things i learn in this class can help in the other and vice versa. Its nice only having class on Wednesday, but it doesn’t mean i can slack! I look forward to learning something new, as well as trying this blog out. Its going to be neat way to keep track of my own progress.