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The International Journal of Communication is an open access journal that while based in the communication discipline, covers an array of topics that tangentially deal with ideas and concepts important to the research of communication.  The IJOC is funded by a commitment from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, located at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles California.  It has since spread to an international audience and group of contributors.  The IJOC relies on peers reviews to maintain its rigorous standards and reputation.

The goal of the IJOC is to provide a journal for established and emerging scholars from around the world to introduce research from a myriad of disciplines that come together to influence and add to the communication discipline as a whole.  Although centered in communications, the IJOC is welcoming to interdisciplinary scholars and research that contribute to the growth of communications throughout the world.  The journal aims to be a place to address the many sub-fields and specialties of the communications.  The IJOC prides itself in being open access and allowing more diverse research than many of the specialized journals within the communications field.

The IJOC is based on the ideas that the open access allows for a wide distribution of research that may not be otherwise seen in the communications field.  The ease and financial viability of the open access system are also considerations that the journal takes into account when providing exposure for working papers and research.  The editors also believe that a high-end, respected open access journal will lead other journals to move in the same direction to help in the growth of communications as a viable field in research and study.  The IJOC also understands that standards are important and call for the rigorous peer reviews and trust of scholars to submit and review all works fairly.  The editors believe this is a key factor in allowing the open access policy of the journal to flourish.

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  1. It is a very good attitude to have an open-access journal for important research topics like Communication. I really liked the sentence that says “the IJOC is welcoming to interdisciplinary scholars and research that contribute to the growth of communications throughout the world”
    We really need for interdisciplinary research to produce better quality research. Also making this research results open for people will increase the research quality a lot.
    Thank you for bringing this information about the IJOC.

  2. From what I know of open access journals, they possess an art of being focused on a topic but welcome to interdisciplinary studies as long as they pertain to the topic. I think it’s interesting to see the similarities of OA Journals relying on peer review, much like traditional journals do. Yet, your mention of explicit trust of scholars is an addition I have not seen before.

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