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Stanford University Mission Statement:

“to extend the frontiers of knowledge, stimulate creativity, and solve real-world problems, prepare students to think broadly, deeply and critically, and to contribute to the world, and deploy Stanford’s strengths to benefit our region, country, and world.”

Stanford University is located in Palo Alto, California, USA and is considered a Tier 1 research university.  Stanford’s mission statement  focuses on the idea that its students are prepared to use critical thinking to help solve real world problems. The statement spotlights the university’s research background and how it can be used to benefit members of not only its own community but also the world.  It really stood out to me that research and knowledge were in the forefront of the mission statement.  Although there are references to a more social use of this research, Stanford seems to value the idea of critical thinking and research.  I believe that listing this first in the mission statement is a clear sign that Stanford wants to be known for preparing its students to think critically and creatively.

Seton Hall University Mission Statement:

“To integrate and strengthen shared fundamental values, practices, traditions and principles that guide moral decisions and offer deeper insights into the mystery of God and his creation.”

Seton Hall University is located in South Orange, New Jersey, USA., and is a ‘R2’ (high research activity) university. The mission statement of Seton Hall focuses on the more social and religious aspects of scholarship.  This is evident in the words used, such as ‘value’, ‘moral decisions’, ‘mystery of God’, and ‘creation.’  There is no mention of research or academia within in its statement, leading one to believe that religion and social values are more apparent in the day to day life of students at Seton Hall.

These two statements differ in that Stanford wants to acknowledge the academic and research aspects of their university and Seton Hall University chooses to highlight the social and religious side to their university.  Although both universities clearly conduct research and look to extend knowledge, Stanford’s mission statement opts to highlight that while Seton Hall’s places research in the background and focuses on the religious effects of scholarship.



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