Online class vs In Class

I believe this class is structured perfectly, half the class is online and the other half is in class. As convenient as an online class is compared to in class course, I feel like I don’t learn the material properly. Basically, I try to get the class over with to focus on other things. I think Having an in-class section is important for two key reasons. One the student is able to speak to professor and is able to “put face to the professor’s name”. Second, in class give time for students to speak to each other, or form study groups.

Even though I believe in class time is important, I also believe it needs to be formatted properly. No one wants sit in a lecture in which the professor reads from a bunch of slides. There is no interactivity and its difficult to visuals what the code is actually doing. For example, if the professor actively codes a simple example in front of the class, it gives everyone an idea on how to start a project or what the fundamentals of the topic are.

In our UNIX class, i think our professor has the right idea of showing us a terminal commands on how the work, but it doesn’t offer interactivity. I read a post in our class blog, in which the author proposed that their be a “live feed” or chat room for asking questions. I think this a great idea. Of course, if no one shows up for class that might derail this idea.

Hopefully, so my thoughts will taken account for when the department is considering changing this course into in a online course.


Just I took the midterm on Wednesday night. It was very similar to the practice exam that Darren had posted. I think this exam did a great job expending upon what we have been learning in this class.  The command line input questions challenged me, a novice UNIX user, to figure new ways to solve problems without relying on the trusty mouse and visual GUI directories.

The python and bash shell (how to create these scripts should have been explained a little bit better) really tested my knowledge on custom scripts. After I wrote the bash script shell, and fixed the python code, I attempted the extra credit. When I read the specifications on what I am supposed write, I was suddenly reminded of my first python assignment in this class. However, I simply used the code, from the previous part, and rewrote the code to work with the new type of information.

Well, this all I have for this week, next week, I am gonna talk about DE (Desktop Environments). These DE remind me of changing launchers in Android. I starting to see the connection between Android and Linux. Small connection, but important one never the less.