Response to Shy then Engineers or Engineers then Shy?

Original Post

I agree with this post completely. First day of class is not as exciting as it used to be; no one tries to meet new people or talk to the person next to them. As difficult as it is maintain a social life as CPE, I feel like there are many opportunities to meet new people with similar interests, such as in school clubs or sporting events. I think effort is simply needed to meet new people.

Speaking up in class is entirely a different issue, I believe the main reason for no one wanting to speak up is because they are intimidated by public speaking. I know its a small class of 30 people, but I would nevertheless consider speaking up in class as public speaking.One way to fix this issue would be to make public speaking class part of our curriculum. Not only will this help in the short term, but it will be very useful on the job.

Well, its either my reason above, or no one knows the answer to the professors question.


Online class vs In Class

I believe this class is structured perfectly, half the class is online and the other half is in class. As convenient as an online class is compared to in class course, I feel like I don’t learn the material properly. Basically, I try to get the class over with to focus on other things. I think Having an in-class section is important for two key reasons. One the student is able to speak to professor and is able to “put face to the professor’s name”. Second, in class give time for students to speak to each other, or form study groups.

Even though I believe in class time is important, I also believe it needs to be formatted properly. No one wants sit in a lecture in which the professor reads from a bunch of slides. There is no interactivity and its difficult to visuals what the code is actually doing. For example, if the professor actively codes a simple example in front of the class, it gives everyone an idea on how to start a project or what the fundamentals of the topic are.

In our UNIX class, i think our professor has the right idea of showing us a terminal commands on how the work, but it doesn’t offer interactivity. I read a post in our class blog, in which the author proposed that their be a “live feed” or chat room for asking questions. I think this a great idea. Of course, if no one shows up for class that might derail this idea.

Hopefully, so my thoughts will taken account for when the department is considering changing this course into in a online course.