Command School

Today, we split up into 5 groups to learn about 35 different UNIX commands. Each group had about 7 commands to research and learn about the usage and flags. I was placed into group c. The 7 commands that I had to learn man, mkdir, more, mv, pwd, rm and tail. Once we got into our groups, we began to explain what our commands did and how to use them.

I thought this was a great way of introducing the commands, but I feel like I wont be able to remember all of the information that I heard when I need to use it. I feel like a good way to improve this assignment is to assign individual groups 7 different commands and each group presentation their research visually. When they are presenting, they will show the usage of the command and its unique options real-time. I think if people can see how the commands are used in the UNIX environment, they will be more likely to use it. Overall, I think the command school made people aware of these commands, however if the improvement that I suggested are implemented I think it will be more useful to people.

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