Unix Blog Post #2 – Issues :(

Today, I had to switch a virtual machine to run Ubuntu because my Ubuntu install on my hard drive was over heating my laptop. My laptop would constantly run the fan, whether or not, I am doing anything intensive. Initially, I thought it was a video card issue, since I have both an Intel and ATI Radeon graphics cards in my laptop. So I installed the required drivers, which allowed me to turn of the ATI Radeon Graphics card. Unfortunately, my fan continued to exhaust heat from the fans.I am going to take my laptop tomorrow to LUUG. Hopefully, they can figure out what is going. If anyone else can help me, my laptop model is HP Pavilion DV6.

Despite, the driver issues, I am enjoying using Ubuntu. Many of the different commands that I am learning from this class and ECE 3574 are finally starting to sink in. Typing commands into the Ubuntu’s terminal is starting to become more natural. Hopefully, by the end of this class, I will remember most of these commands.

Command School

Today, we split up into 5 groups to learn about 35 different UNIX commands. Each group had about 7 commands to research and learn about the usage and flags. I was placed into group c. The 7 commands that I had to learn man, mkdir, more, mv, pwd, rm and tail. Once we got into our groups, we began to explain what our commands did and how to use them.

I thought this was a great way of introducing the commands, but I feel like I wont be able to remember all of the information that I heard when I need to use it. I feel like a good way to improve this assignment is to assign individual groups 7 different commands and each group presentation their research visually. When they are presenting, they will show the usage of the command and its unique options real-time. I think if people can see how the commands are used in the UNIX environment, they will be more likely to use it. Overall, I think the command school made people aware of these commands, however if the improvement that I suggested are implemented I think it will be more useful to people.