Week 12 – Personal Ethics

One of the most important things that I’ve learned through this class is that ethics is very complicated. It seems like there is never a “right” answer to any sort of ethical dilemma. Something as simple as catching students cheating on an exam or homework assignment might never have a straightforward solution. I always thought that if a student is caught cheating, they have to go to honor court, but then I met others instructors or professors who are hesitant to report students because they do not want to destroy their future career. The consequences of honor court may be severe enough to prevent someone from going to professional or graduate school or even prevent someone from getting their “dream job.” This was something that I had never thought of before.

When I think of myself and ethics, I always think of a zero-tolerance policy. So for example, I know that cheating is wrong, therefore I will not cheat because there will always be consequences, no matter how small. Besides cheating and academia, I follow rules and laws of our society but I think it is alright to criticize them. Criticizing is important in a democracy, it gives people a voice, which I think is more crucial now then ever. Also, discussing ethics in this class has opened my eyes to how everything can have an ethical dilemma. This class has challenged me to further question things that I thought wouldn’t have thought as of unethical.

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