Week 10 – Disciplinary Codes

This week’s readings are on different Code of Conducts. Most professionals in my discipline follow the American Dietetic Association Code of Ethics. I was unaware that such a code existed but it makes sense because many of these professionals are registered dietitians who work in health and medical fields. The Code is divided into sections: responsibilities to the public, to clients, to the profession, and to colleagues. Then it goes into a a huge list about ethics cases and hearings. This is much longer than our Graduate Honor Code. Almost everything is mentioned, including the confidentiality rights of people who break the conduct. One thing that I find surprising is that under “Responsibilities to the Profession,” the first bullet is “The dietetics practitioner practices dietetics based on evidence-based principles and current information.” New studies are always coming out in the field of nutrition so it must be difficult for certain people to keep up with all of the new information. I wonder if there is a routine exam that dietetics have to take to be re-certified.┬áIf I could make any changes, I would condense the code. It seems like some points can be combined to make the whole document look easier to read and much more brief.

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