Week 9 – Copyright Issues

I am very familiar with copying and plagiarism but the rules around copyright issues have always confounded me. For example, Youtube mutes videos that use music without permission but still some videos that use the same songs are not muted. Not sure if these videos slip under the radar or if there are criteria for music rules. The readings for this week has broadened my knowledge of copyright issues. I understand that many others, even professionals, are also confused with copyrighting laws. I am all for a free, open access web. I think all materials that can expand our knowledge should be free. I know this is vague, but sometimes I get frustrated that academic journal articles are very costly even though the authors of the papers have to pay a publishing cost. What if an individual, perhaps someone with an advanced degree but does not have a job in an academic setting, wants to keep up with ongoing research in his/her field?

I agree that Kinko’s violated copyright rules because they took publisher’s materials and charged students for their own gain. If we had a free, open access web, businesses would not be able to profit from someone else’s work.

We had to read many articles in one of the classes that I took last year. My professor would give us the citation for the article but we were required to find the article through VT Summons and then download it ourselves. I’m not sure what her reason for this was but she did mention something about copyright rules. To me, copyright rules are still floating in a gray area. What if I use a video that someone else made in my academic presentations and cited the video correctly? Would that still count as a copyright infringement? I hope these issues do not arise but I worry that they will.

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