Fincastle Presentation

Here’s where I live and where Fincastle, Virginia is:




Fincastle, Virginia:

   Fincastle, Virginia 1965

Carlton Haney:


Doc Watson and a local resident of Fincastle
Don Reno
Bill Monroe

Set the stage for:

Bean Blossom  
Many have said it set the stage for Woodstock.

Fincastle, Virginia set the stage for many other festivals to come. Sadly, the festival did not stay at the Cantrell sight very long. The festival was moved to Lithia, Virginia (which is 10 minutes from the original site) around the late 1960s-early 1970s. Today, there are not any festivals held in Botetourt County, but many people still pick the guitars and play “them ol’ fiddle tunes” on the streets on Friday nights and pack the fair grounds every August at the fairs.

As the title of my blog states, Fincastle, Virginia was just the beginning, it has since set the ideas and ways that festivals are held today and will be held for years to come.

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