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To Space

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One of the most memorable events to ever happen in human history was the moon landing that occurred in the 1960’s This was one of the most memorable events in the history of the United States and it also officially ended the race to the moon launched by John F. Kennedy. I distinctly remember learning about this moon landing and the quote “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” however we never really learned about the first man in space.

This man’s name was Iurii Gagarin he was a Soviet pilot and cosmonaut. Due to the fact he derived from the USSR we as Americans never really learned about this man. In the 1960’s, Iurii Gagarin was chosen from the Russian countryside along with 19 other pilots for the Soviet space program. Gagarin was further selected for an elite training group known as the Sochi Six, from which the first cosmonauts of the Vostok program would be chosen. During this selection process Gagarin excelled and soon became the chose one to endure the travel to space.

Thus Gagarin ventured into space on April 1961 becoming the first human to not only trek into space but also became the first human to ever orbit the earth. In doing this Gagarin became a space race hero. Though this was a success not many people know that this success was a culmination of the countless years of failure and experimentation that occurred within the Soviet space program. His space venture was not soon forgotten by the Russian people, he was instead immortalized. Due to being “raised in the Russian countryside during the Great Patriotic War, and plucked from his village by the space program as trainee, Gagarin embodied the opportunities abundant in Soviet society for the Russians who readily identified with him.” He also became a worldwide celebrity traveling all over the world promoting the Soviet Union’s accomplishment of being the first to put a human into space.

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