Interior Design Group Project

A poster our group created of our proposed ideas

A poster our group created of our proposed ideas

One building located at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, Virginia, is the Straw Bale House. Built as an architecture student’s thesis project, this building is unique because of its high sustainability. Unfortunately, the building’s interiors were left unfinished and it became a storage center. The interior design student’s of Martha Sullivan’s first year studio were given the assignment to create a teaching and learning space for both formal and informal settings. The space should accommodate both adults and children and be a resource for the community. The biggest challenges we dealt with were lack of space and the accommodation of multiple generations. We investigated different table and chair heights, but in the end decided on one size, with a smaller coffee table that can convert into a table for young children. The regular two tables will be sawhorse style for easy and compact storage. Since the plaster coated walls disabled anything from being hung directly from them, we designed a storage shelf with personal cubbies and a coat hanging area. An existing shelving system will accommodate any universal supplies to be kept in the building. We also dealt with an art display system that features tri-fold screens with wires and hooks.

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