Things I Would Change

Looking back, there are several things I’d like to challenge myself to improve on next semester. I’m writing them out now so I can keep them in mind for later and in case you guys wanted to challenge yourself with some of these as well.

-Patience. Too often I don’t plan the exact details of a project out enough and run into issues along the road.

-Sketching. I don’t think you can ever sketch too much, but I’ve come to learn that the more I sketch, the more ideas I have and the more successful I am (I know, that sound be obvious).

-Research. I really enjoyed writing my paper on Zaha Hadid because I learned about other ways to think about projects. Researching things I’m interested in can open my mind up to more possibilities.

-Keep a cleaner desk. I’ve found that I can work much more efficiently when I know where all the supplies I will need are and can easily access them.

-Less multi-tasking. I learned after the lecture on this that I need to be careful about what I’m doing while I work. Things like talking and listening to music can help pass the time, but they can also become distractions very easily.




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