Christmas Cheer

Do Christmas decorations affect your mood? Honestly, seeing my dorm suite full of lights, candy canes, snowmen, and more of the general holiday additives always makes my mood a little better. It’s the same situation with our corner in studio, it makes it feel a little more welcoming. Why is it that a few decorations can make such a difference? My theory is that  it’s because they remind us of the time of the year where most of us get to slow down for a little while and appreciate time with our family and friends. Seeing the decorations in my studio and in my dorm keep me hopeful that the day is coming soon where I’ll get to go home and be with my family for more than just a day and really get to spend time with them for the first time in a while. Going a step further, I wonder if the way an interior is decorated on a regular occasion can affect our moods. I think the answer is absolutely. Just in Cowgill, we can compare room 300 to our fourth floor studio. The drab, grayness of room 300 can put anyone to sleep, no matter how much coffee they’ve had. Then take our lively studio, people experience it brim over with creativity and energy. Outsiders walk in with wonder and curiosity. The huge contrast is a mystery to me, although one could come up with a few reasons. Since 300 is primarily a lecture room, lack of distractions means more focus on the lecturer. It’s also a clean, open space, which may be useful to us along the road if we need to get away from the clutter of our desks. It’s interesting to me to see how different rooms affect me differently, and I look forward to studying more about interiors in the future.

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