Library Hunting

I know we did this activity a few weeks ago, but here is my first experience with the Art+Architecture Library. I partnered with Rebecca, who had the subject of “photography.” There are many, many, many books on photography in the library, and originally she had a list of several different categories such as photographs, how to photographs, and the history of photography. She narrowed it down to one book, “What Photography Is,” by James Elkins with the call number of TR 642 e43 2011 and I was easily above to find it amongst the abundance of books. When I went in to find books for my research topic, Zaha Hadid, I started with the computer. First I searched just books and wrote down the section that she was found in, NA 1469 H33A4. There were several books with articles about her life and her works. I went back to the computer and narrowed my search to just articles and found she had been written about in ArtForum magazine a few times. The issues were in the bound periodicals section, so I found my way to that section of the library easily, made copies of the articles (because you can’t check out periodicals), and it was easy as pie. Thankfully, the library system is very easy to use and I was able to find my information quickly and efficiently.

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