Cube Revisions

As the result of choose a completely unfamiliar material, I encountered a big struggle with my 6″ cube. I chose sheets of plastic mesh used for embroidery because I was drawn to the translucency and weave-able qualities, but I found out along the way that the material was very difficult to work with due to its extreme flexibility. I encountered issues with adhesive, structure, and just overall design as I changed my model several times as I learned more about the material. The last cube I made came down 4 thick walls for structure, with strips of black material going across in effort to make another cube in between. In this design, the translucency was lost and the rods going through the middle were not strong enough to stay straight. I am going back to square one with this material, hoping to find an adhesive clean enough for quality craftsmanship, and strong enough to keep the cube structure and standing.

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