Methods of Display

The three pictures above are all methods of display, but what’s the difference between them? The first picture on the left features a display with 3 sides, a bottom, and a top complete with lighting. The middle picture lays out different fabrics and color schemes in a tray, and the third tray is a poster, very similar to the type we were assigned to do in class. All of these pictures were taken from Gensler, an international architectural giant, so we can probably assume these are all practical, professional display types. The clue to the difference between these is what part of the process of design they are useful for. The third picture is mainly for brainstorming and inspiration. This particular poster was designed for Nashville, Tennessee, highlighting the aspects they wanted to characterize in their design. The words featured are “energy,” “inherently local,” “industrious,” and “genuine.” They took photographs of aspects of Nashville that they thought captured these words the best, then made a display to keep them on track throughout the process. The first picture is more in depth than the middle one, but in my opinion, they could both be the next step on the process. The first picture could provide a good first look at the overall design, and the second picture can provide a picture of the fabrics and surfaces together. The first picture does give a more complete picture of the overall design to the viewer. The most important thing about display is that the viewer can clearly see and can easily understand what is being presented.

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