Patience in Design

Who knew designing something would take so much patience? Rushing through a design is the worst thing you can do to your work. Developing a good idea takes time and practice. Our project last week was to create depth using typography and intersection of planes, one model without internal incisions, and another allowing internal incisions. Each model required several sketches and smaller practice models, first to develop a general idea and concept and then to practice the execution of the idea. Each model requires high craftsmanship and neatness, otherwise it is not a true representation of the idea and the idea becomes lost. Patience while creating the actual finished product is especially important because elements like soft creases and messy cuts can distract from the whole piece. Measuring carefully before making any permanent changes is also important because wasted materials is wasted money. In the end, it is much more beneficial to take time to be precise with a few well structured models than to rush through many models because they aren’t successful.

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