What is Beauty?

Beauty is not always obvious. In fact, what makes beauty so precious is that sometimes it’s hidden and requires searching. This results in a greater appreciation for the beautiful things in life. Memories, for example, may not be exactly memorable the day after, a week after, or even a year after, but eventually some memories will become near and dear to us. The same thing occurs with relationships. A person may not strike you as particularly beautiful at first, but as a relationship grows, beauty enhances. Buildings can create beautiful experiences based on the design of the space. Spaces that encourage togetherness, creativity, and positive emotions are beautiful to me. A library that creates a desire for knowledge and provides the resources for focus and studying can be truly beautiful (especially when surrounded by books). A restaurant that encourages families to spend time together can be beautiful because of the memories created. Basically, any space that creates a memorable experience is beautiful in my eyes.

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