As I type this, I’m using the Wu Wei theme for this blog. This elegant theme is the work of Jeff Ngan.

Choosing and customizing a theme is one of the best things about starting a WordPress blog. It’s also one of the most dangerous. To each of the two preceding sentences, I should add the restriction”to me”, and an explanation.

I love browsing through WordPress themes. There are currently almost 3,000 themes at It’s probably just as well that Blogs @VT “only” offers 95 at the moment. I chose Wu Wei because I like clean themes, I’ve admired it before, it uses orange (my favorite colour) without any customization being required.

Ah yes, theme customization. That’s another fascinating and time-consuming aspect of WordPress themes. Thanks to the Wu Wei theme from Jeff, and to some self-control from me (but mainly thanks to Jeff), I’ve been able to restrain myself from customizing the theme of this blog. That’s almost true: I started with a different theme, started to customize it, then decided that it would take a while to customize that theme so that I liked it as much as Wu Wei.

When (in the previous paragraph) I wrote “fascinating and time-consuming”, I was starting to explain why I find WordPress themes dangerous. Theme selection and customization can occupy so many happy minutes (yes, and hours).

Thank you for spending some of your time reading this post about themes. Even more thanks if you spend more of that time commenting…