Semester coming to an end

The class experience has changed throughout the semester for me, which it has changed for the better. When I first enrolled in the class, as many of you know, it was a requirement to take this class. When I first starting to come to the class, I was dreading every moment of it because it was almost three hours long on a Tuesday night. However, after a few weeks I started to enjoy this class because it brought many new perspectives to my eyes that I never even really knew about before this class. I did not have a lot to say on most of the topics, but I enjoyed learning about intersectionality and learning about other issues in that are all around higher education. I believe this class was a very important class that should definitely be made a requirement for other majors, so that other students can also be taught the ways we can change our higher education system and the nation for the betterment of society. This course also has helped me be more prepared moving forward within my degree, but also when I go into the industry to become more inclusive of my peers and superiors. Finally, I am looking forward to our last project because I think it will be an important experience to hear the issues that we as a class were able to come up with in our own degreesĀ  and ways we believe can help influence a change.

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  1. Thank you for your semester reflection. I also enjoyed learning more about intersectionality and how people define it and see how it impacts their life or the lives of the people around them. I definitely think that not only this class should be taught for more disciplines, but that departments should be weaving this knowledge into their course structures that are already in place. If the knowledge that we gained within this course was talked about in every class that we have, I think that we would have a very different educational system. I’m also looking forward to seeing the final projects. I wish everyone luck this finals season!

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