Cece Burger: Israeli state, Jewish perspective

For this blog, I examined the creation of Israel from the Jewish perspective. I found a lot of articles by Jewish writers and from Jewish websites that showed their unique perspective. One article by My Jewish Learning, a website devoted to empowering Jewish discovery and scholarship, called “The Birth of Israel” examines the origins of the Israeli state. The author provides a brief overview of the end of World War II and explains the renewed importance of conflict over Palestine. The Jewish community turned to the U.S. for support of the Jewish state in Palestine. The article explains that Britain did not support the Jewish efforts and actually prevented further Jewish migration to Palestine. Arab terrorism in the area also caused problems for Jews which was made worse by British interference. The story continues with an explanation of the United Nations compromise and recommendation of both an Arab and Jewish state. The Partition Plan was a victory for the Jewish community even though they had to make some concessions. The British control in the region was ended and two new independent states would be created.

This article provides a strong example of the Jewish perspective as it focuses on the Jewish experience. The writing shows a clear disdain for British actions after WWII. There was a lot of importance placed on the work of Jewish diplomats and representatives. The author provides a very condensed and simplified explanation of the foundations of the Israeli state which certainly leaves out important details that could further understanding. The article does provide an overview for those who know little to nothing about the event. I found it a good starting place to gain a feel for how the Jewish community discusses Israel. It is clear this website and article aim to support and promote the Jewish community and share their unique historical experience.

Source: “The Birth of Israel” My Jewish Learning. Retrieved 26 October 2017.https:// www.my jewishlearning . com/article/the-birth-of-israel/

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