Andrea Gibson – The Nutritionist

“It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a sick society”

I’ve waited all semester to post this video, and feel that our discussions as of late in class regarding inclusion and diversity have made this post quite fitting. Andrea Gibson is my absolute favorite spoken-word artist and I believe there are so many inspirational nuggets in her poem entitled “The Nutritionist”:

From the student’s view, it’s the struggle of life. Finding yourself while in the completely new atmosphere that college can be. Finding friends when everyone seems to acclimate to situations faster than you. Finding some spark of inspiration to keep going.

From the teacher’s view, it’s the struggle of acceptance. Fighting for a flexible classroom when supervisors continually belittle your teaching style. Fighting for acknowledgement when research seems to be the only credible measurement at a university. Fighting for some spark of inspiration to keep going.

From the individual’s view, it’s the struggle for progression. Following your research or project or thoughts wherever they might lead you. Following advice that no one else seems to suggest. Hoping that somehow, others might follow you for some spark of inspiration to keep going.

“You stay here with me, raising your bite against the bitter dark”

3 thoughts on “Andrea Gibson – The Nutritionist

  1. Thanks for sharing! A really thought-provoking poem and great examples that people feel throughout the day and throughout their lives. I would add that I think that one of the big points you make is the struggle. I think the examples you point out note the struggle to make a difference because it is something each of these groups feels passionately about. The fight for friendship, the fight for change, the fight for progress. It made me realize that struggle is not something that should be necessarily avoided, but can a sign that what you are doing is important to you and being uncomfortable is a sign of growth..

  2. Thanks for sharing this Chelsea! I have the opinion that without struggle and fight, there is no improvement, so while struggle may be uncomfortable at the time, it helps in the process of being the best that we can be, both within academia as well as outside of it.

  3. Thanks for your comments! Not only do I strongly believe that struggles help build character and experience – I’d never known I need the type of advisor I have now if I hadn’t first had less than spectacular results with my first advisor – but that an even stronger support system should be in place. As an educator, it’s impossible to be able to relate to every single student on every topic they might be struggling with, but by simply acknowledging that their struggle is real and justified hopefully places students in a more positive mindset regarding struggles.

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