Project 3 Video and Write-up

About The Music Video

When thinking about what story I wanted to remix, I quickly saw a few criteria that I had to meet. Firstly, whatever I chose to do had to deal with music. Secondly, it had to be doable in the time frame of the class. Lastly, It had to be multimodal. I soon realized that I only had one good idea for a project that met all those criteria: I would have to find a song that told enough of a story and remix the video.

“Same Love” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis was a song that stuck out because it had a very relevant story and the music video left enough room to be remade. I decided to take the old music video, which was very emotional, and focus on the real events and media of the gay rights movement.

To see the steps I took to make the video, visit Making Choices. For a list of all of the resources I used to create the project, go to Project 3 Resources where I have links to my rough video, citations, and original planning timeline for the movie layout.

I think that the video turned out very well and successfully accomplished all of the things that I wanted it to. It may provide more of a political statement than I had originally wanted to make, but a persuasive message isn’t necessarily a bad message. I hope you enjoy(ed)!

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