Final Project Review: Descrambler and Hotel-Reservation-Project


I first cloned into it, and read the readme. It contained clear instructions and compiled no problem. It gave me a few warnings about a variable “curr” being set but not used, but they did not affect functionality.

The descrambler appears to work as intended, correctly descrambling scrambled text. The only thing I could possibly think of to change would be to add a button for opening a file under the left-most window for symmetry and ease of access. But that is certainly a design choice and by no means incorrect or broken.

Looking at the source code it is very well structured and formed. A few more comments may have been nice, but the bulk of your code is self explanatory. Well done.



I first cloned into it, and read the readme. It was missing any instruction on compiling, but I assumed make was to be used because it came with a makefile. An understandable thing to leave to assumption. However, when running make, it says ”main.cpp:12:26: error: ‘atoi’ was not declared in this scope”. Looking at the source, I noted that the standard library wasn’t included, so I added the following line to main.cpp [ #include <stdlib.h> ]. With this addition, make completed successfully.

Upon trying the command, $ ./hotel  with no arguments, I get “Segmentation fault (core dumped)”. While I realize that the readme did say any invalid command would produce an error message, I assumed no command was considered an invalid one.

Come to find out that no matter what I do, I get a segmentation fault. I am either a fool and missing something, or the program is broken. I’ll look into the code to see what is going on.

Upon closer inspection, It would appear I was a fool. I misunderstood the readme, and thought the command line arguments of the number of rooms was optional or something, I don’t know. Apparently 3pm is too early for my brain. Anyway, after using the proper commands, It appears to work.

I strongly suggest adding prompts for the user, as referencing the readme for each subsequent command is slightly annoying and confusing at first.

However, looking at your code, it is well formatted. Could use a few more comments, but not difficult to understand. I suggest more thorough testing, the addition of prompts for commands from the user, and a better explanation in the readme for the initial command to start the system(Or I’m just too picky, that’s a possibility too).


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