I was going to blog about a discussion between me and some friends about  synthetic versus organic computing, but I find myself a little too short on time to do it justice. Instead I’ll bring up canonical’s attempts to branch out. Most interesting to me is their development of Ubuntu for multi-core smartphones.

     My smartphone, a galaxy note II, has much better specs than my first laptop. However, It’s not quite at the same level of convenience yet.  Also at times, I feel like it’s not as fast as it should be given the specs. I’m hopeful that Ubuntu will be an even more capable os than android. I like the fact that canonical is further blurring the lines between mobile and desktop os by having the phone run a full desktop os while docked.  I realize many people dislike that phone screen size is increasing, instead preferring them to remain minimal. However, I personally love the fact that phones are getting larger and more powerful. I desire a phone which is closer to a tablet, as opposed to one closer to a watch.  I believe canonical’s development of Ubuntu for smartphones is more aimed at people like me, who could use their large phone screens as a desktop while docked.

     However, this is not the only way canonical is branching out. At the link below you’ll find information on all the devices canonical is working on bringing Ubuntu to. I will certainly be, at the very least, checking them out when released and stable, if not using and enjoying them as much as I am Ubuntu on my laptop.



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