Friday Morning Thoughts

I found myself wondering what everyone’s habits were when it came to writing code. Personally I need my music playing , and generally need to be away from my apartment to stave off distractions. After about ten or twenty minutes, I find myself “in the zone” so to speak, where nothing distracts me and I can get major progress done.

What are some of your habits or tips when it comes to coding? And also if you listen to music, what type? I often wonder if i’m the only person who listens to metal on campus. (Dark Tranquillity’s new song “The Science of Noise” is what I’m listening to right now) However I do like almost everything, with the notable exception of country and most rap.


Also, everyone has probably bought a Cerebot board by now, and is either currently using it or it’s sitting on a shelf collecting dust. If yours isn’t collecting dust yet, It will be after micro. I dislike that, I’ve been trying to think of the best use for it. I would love to make some kind of RC car with it, but then i’d toy around with it for a month and it would go back to collecting dust.

Currently my best idea is to get the bluetooth and RF PMODs and write some code that will let me connect to my Cerebot from my smartphone, and then emulate the TV remote. I’m not entirely sure that the RF PMOD covers the same spectrum as a universal remote, but I’d do some research before buying parts. I’ve written android apps before, and know how I’d code this project.

How are you using your Cerebot? Or what Ideas do you have on a better use for it? I plan on doing something with it over this summer, but want to make the most of it.


To continue with my random train of thought, I guess I’ll bring up the newest release of Ubuntu. ‘Raring Ringtail’ (13.04) is now stable and released. I’ve read reviews on it that seem unimpressed, but that’s because they haven’t delivered on certain featured that were scheduled to appear. However, things like the “smart scopes” that were supposed to be arriving would have contributed to bloat in my opinion. I’d much rather them work on minimizing the memory footprint and increasing performance.  The biggest thing they’ve done in 13.04 is optimizing the graphics and making other incremental steps towards a unified mobile/desktop release.

As soon as finals are done, I’ll be backing up everything important from Ubuntu and Windows on my laptop and wiping it. Then I’m putting either Windows 7 or 8 on it, as well as Ubuntu 13.04. Although as I type this, I’m wondering about other distributions. I very well may try out Linux Mint or Debian, only time will tell.



     I was going to blog about a discussion between me and some friends about  synthetic versus organic computing, but I find myself a little too short on time to do it justice. Instead I’ll bring up canonical’s attempts to branch out. Most interesting to me is their development of Ubuntu for multi-core smartphones.

     My smartphone, a galaxy note II, has much better specs than my first laptop. However, It’s not quite at the same level of convenience yet.  Also at times, I feel like it’s not as fast as it should be given the specs. I’m hopeful that Ubuntu will be an even more capable os than android. I like the fact that canonical is further blurring the lines between mobile and desktop os by having the phone run a full desktop os while docked.  I realize many people dislike that phone screen size is increasing, instead preferring them to remain minimal. However, I personally love the fact that phones are getting larger and more powerful. I desire a phone which is closer to a tablet, as opposed to one closer to a watch.  I believe canonical’s development of Ubuntu for smartphones is more aimed at people like me, who could use their large phone screens as a desktop while docked.

     However, this is not the only way canonical is branching out. At the link below you’ll find information on all the devices canonical is working on bringing Ubuntu to. I will certainly be, at the very least, checking them out when released and stable, if not using and enjoying them as much as I am Ubuntu on my laptop.