About Cassandra Hockman

Cassandra is a communications correspondent for the Fralin Life Science Institute at Virginia Tech. She holds an M.A. in English and a B.S. in psychology, both from Virginia Tech, where she also teaches writing and research. Her research interrogates how language is a form of social action that negotiates how science and education affect public policy. When she is not writing, she is wrangling her ever-growing St. Bernard puppy. (Don't tell the dog, but she loves her cat more.)

Whose beans bare what?!

Bare beans. Is this a command? Yes. Bare your beans. Uncover your simplicity. Deliver your uncovered simplicity to the masses. Divulge your hill of beans. Expose the basic pieces that make up the whole that is you.

Did you do it? Yes? Let me guess… You must have also taught for the first time. Phew! I am not alone. I did it. Just now. Bared my beans.

Let’s bare our beans: together.