Teaching… driving force to finish my PhD

I have had some experience substituting for lectures, and have lead four laboratory sessions of the Fluid Mechanics and Water Resources Engineering courses at Virginia Tech as a graduate teaching assistant. These have been great opportunities to interact with students in classroom environments, and a valuable experience to find/shape my teaching voice. I am looking forward to teach next semester for the first time a full course (CEE 3304 Fluid Mechanics for Civil and Environmental Engineers).

The following is a short abstract of my teaching philosophy (in progress):

My main goals are to help students become critical thinkers and team players. I want students to trust in their knowledge, but also to have an open mind and learn from others. I want them to contribute to society, and to reflect on the labor they are performing, first as a college/university student and later in their professional careers. To achieve these goals, I like to follow a question-based teaching approach, inspired on the Socratic method, with a high volume of group work and class interaction. I have incorporated this approach while teaching the fluid mechanics and water resources engineering laboratory sessions.

Laboratory Sessions taught:

Water Resources Engineering (Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and Spring 2016)

Fluid Mechanics (Summer II 2013)