Teaching for the first time: classroom management

Classroom management is not only about what happens inside the room. It is not only about fostering an environment of mutual respect. It is not only about reducing the unrelated talking and interruptions. It goes beyond, and seems like it is getting harder to do. Classroom management includes dealing with deadlines and requested extensions, unexplained class skipping when assistance is required, effective communication with students, and basically any other aspect related to the teacher/student and student/student relationship.

As expressed in probably many articles, websites, publications, etc… classrooms are becoming tougher environments, teachers not only have to worry about being knowledgeable on the class topic, but also need to be prepare to deal with the externalities affecting how students perform. I am getting ready to teach next semester as an instructor of record for the first time, and would definitely like to have students as engaged as possible. Hence, I am looking at tools/strategies that I can use to reach the majority of students. I am looking at ways to have an effective classroom management. If you are also in my shoes, or for that time when you get there, or if you have taught before but want to see how you can improve the atmosphere in your classroom. Here are two articles for you to take a look at:

Towards a ‘Positive U’  by Beverley Myatt, MA, and Lynne N. Kennette, PhD … on strategies to foster a positive classroom environment.

Helping students make the right call on cell phones by Pete Burkholder, PhD… on offering extra-credit for surrendering cell phones during class

Of course, there are plenty more out there…

– Carlos F. Mantilla P.



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  1. sogandmhz

    I am going to be in the same spot as you will be next semester. You nicely mentioned that teaching is far beyond the simple teacher-student relationship. I like how you are excited about your new role and you are spending time to learn the new techniques for effective classroom management. Keep going!
    Teaching is very complicated responsibility. When I look back and think about my previous professors/teachers/instructors, I can make a list of many things that I wish they did for me (as a student) and many things that I am happy they did. I think you also have lots experience that can help you be a better teacher/instructor.

    Good Luck and I am looking forward to learning more about your experience, Carlos!

    Meanwhile, thanks for sharing the papers.

  2. Carlos F Mantilla P

    Hi Sogand, thanks for your comment. Best wishes for next semester. We could exchange some experiences a long the way

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