Project-Base-Learning is No Joke!

So, yesterday (Wednesday, 6 pm) I had to submit a draft version of a Project-Base-Learning (PBL) case-study for the Contemporary Pedagogy course I am taking. To clarify, not a PBL with all the specific details, but more like the general structure: Objectives, issue or problem, how it will work out, creating teams, project outcome, assessment…

My first thought was, how hard could this be? and following that, I opted to leave it as a low priority assignment and started to work on it Tuesday afternoon…. About four hours later I had “finished” it, and I felt partially happy with it, but knowing that it would require some more thinking to improve it…. class time came and surprise… I was not as close as I thought, in fact I had plenty of details still to figure out.

Yesterday’s experience helped me to once again corroborate: don’t leave assignments for last minute, even if they look not too hard. It also allowed me to realize that planning a PBL case-study requires research, time, effort… there are plenty of details that need to be figure out… and likely plenty more to improve after the first trial with a class… so yes, developing and implementing a PBL in a classroom is definitely not a joke.

If you are interested in knowing more about developing a PBL, I invite you to read this article posted in the University of Delaware website: “Dan Tries Problem-Based Learning: A Case Study”.

– Carlos F. Mantilla P.

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