More Than Just Radiation Damage: Chernobyl

The nuclear explosion at Chernobyl on April 26, 1986 caused more damage to the Soviet Union than just sending a deadly amount of radiation into the sky and surrounding areas.  The nuclear consequences were great, but the accident produced many other results in addition to physical damage.

chernsiteThe Soviet economy was already struggling and the Chernobyl accident created more economic distress.  The cost of clean up and rehabilitation for the evacuees added up to billions of rubles.  Aside from cleaning up after the disaster, the money lost on productive and non-productive assets was incredible.  Agriculture was also severely damaged and created a loss of income for the local people.

This added stress on the economy also fueled discontentment with the central government, especially in the Ukraine and Belorussia.  They already felt victimized by the famine in the 1930’s after the collectivization of farming, and the seemingly slow move to help the people directly impacted by Chernobyl did not brighten their opinion of the government.

The physical damages of Chernobyl were devastating and still cause health and environmental issues today.  The more abstract consequences of the disaster were just as great.  It was an emergency situation that the Soviet government, as it stood, could not handle.  This lack of control brought the already questioned government under criticism and strict scrutiny and fueled the fire that became the end of the Soviet Union.

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10 Responses to More Than Just Radiation Damage: Chernobyl

  1. mwill17

    Russia has always had problems when it comes to construction but one would think that for a nuclear power plant they would have put more time and effort into making sure that the building was structurally sound and that the crew working there were the best of the best. This event and other related disasters can be avoided if more precaution is taken. Good post.

  2. Annemarie Lucernoni

    Chernobyl’s costs were enormous in every aspect of the Soviet nation- cleanup efforts that have been largely internationally funded and are still continuing, 100’s of kilometers of worthless, contaminated produce and livestock, increased health problems stemming from both the radiation itself and psychological/emotional trauma from evacuation and displacement leading to higher levels of alcoholism and depression, and greater political dissatisfaction leading to the dissolution of the Soviet empire.

  3. Connor Balzer

    It truly is astounding how far reaching the effects of the Chernobyl accident really were. The direct effects for the people and the environment were devastating but as you discussed this was just the beginning. The economy took a major hit, the government was made to look foolish after the downplaying of the situation came out and the countries of the USSR grew extremely restless. The explosion of Chernobyl ended up being the start of the implosion of the Soviet Union.

  4. Kyle

    For a superpower, the lack of engineering professionalism put into a nuclear power-plant is saddening. These thousands of people need not have suffered and the oversight in one of the most critical power installations in Russia is unacceptable.

  5. Casey Pietsch

    I think this was a great topic to select. Chernobyl also did start of the implosion of the Soviet Union. Not only did it attribute to incredible coast and environmental clean up, but had a lasting impact on the society. Not only were the people involved in Chernobyl effected but so were those living in the surrounding area because it existed as a health hazard.

  6. Leah Williams

    When talking about Chernobyl, most people only think about the physical consequences. However, it’s important to remember the economic and political damages as well, as you point out. I’m sure there were also a lot of psychological effects on those who were directly impacted by it, and some of these effects might even still linger today.

  7. jessrs217

    I also wrote about the Chernobyl accident. It’s interesting how in addition to causing so much physical damage to the land and the people, it also caused people to distrust the government, leading to the eventual fall of Soviet communism.

  8. jrc554

    It goes without question that the Chernobyl disaster goes down as one of the worst, if not the worst, tragedies in Russian history to date. It’s immediate and later effects on the Russian economy and population would prove to be extremely detrimental in the years leading up to and the years after the fall of the Soviet Union.

  9. wilkins

    Strange how much of a focus there was on nuclear superiority and strength regarding the Cold War yet the USSR had people working in the factories who could be so neglectful and risky to allow such an accident to occur.

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