The Kornilov Affair

General Lavr Kornilov became the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed forces on July 18, 1917.  He was seen by the people of Russia as a hero after he returned from being held in a prisoner-of-war camp in Hungary.  When he returned and was exalted, he was determined to end the disorder of the revolution.


Kornilov ordered an assault on Petrograd (Saint Petersburg) on August 27, 1917.  He did this because he held the Provisional Government responsible for the chaos in Russia, and deemed it unworthy of survival.  Aleksandr Kerenskii, leader of the Provisional Government, did not want to abolish the Soviet institution, just to slow it down.  Kornilov did not agree and decided that this government needed to go.

The assault was a terrible failure.  General Krymov, appointed to lead the assault, had committed suicide and Kornilov and the other leaders of the movement were under arrest.  The Soviets were so well organized and clearly passionate about what they were doing; they could not be beaten.

This attempted assault proved that the Soviets, particularly the Bolsheviks, were stronger and that they were determined to realize “all power” of Russia.  The Provisional Government was severely comprised after the Kornilov affair, giving the Soviets more momentum and making Lenin’s goal that much closer to realization.


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  1. Schnaitman

    Missed the brake and romped the gas instead.. classic result of a freakout in split second reactions. Do you think that the assault was too rushed, poorly planned, and would it have had a chance if there was a more tactful approach?

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