This blog is a part of the Honors Residential College at East Ambler Johnston Hall blogging initiative and posting regularly is a requirement of living in the HRC. My posts are meant to be an interesting discussion of ideas that I encounter in the world, and do not necessarily always reflect my own true opinions. They also aren’t always perfect: the internet has a terrible way of encouraging you to hit the “publish” button without proofreading as well as you ought.

I blog about whatever I want, but you’ll see a few themes throughout this blog. I like to write about my horses and about the freshman seminar that I taught in fall 2011 and fall 2012. In spring 2012, I was in the History of Tea Colloquium, so I blogged about tea quite a bit. I also often post poems by other people (I never post poems I wrote myself. I’m a scientist and not a poet, sadly). I also post about my future plans (graduate school in reproductive physiology) and my past education (unschooled through high school).

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