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Welcome to the brief history of the evolution and domestication of the modern camel! The camel is one of the strongest, most resilient animals known to man, however since the dawn of its domestication is has commonly been exploited and undervalued in human society. Camels have been considered the “ship of the desert” since ancient civilizations utilized camels as a lifeline for connection to other civilizations across the vast stretches of the dismal, harsh desert (Bulliet 47). The camel has been used for economic development, advantage in war, and as a symbol of culture and tradition. But despite their prominent role in society, they are continually exploited for the advantages they can bring to their human masters. This blog explains the history of the camel, from its evolution to several important roles it has filled in society. Select each of the tabs to explore more about the camel, and determine for yourself whether you believe this noble creature deserves a higher level of praise. And don’t forget, when you’re all through, you can find my works cited here.