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The camel has been entwined with human civilization for thousands of years. Initially, camels were utilized for nourishment, given the protein they could provide for early nomadic humans feeding off their meat. The camel allowed these humans to survive in harsh climates, both freezing climates and the harsh, hot desert. Beyond this point, camels began to be used for their other resources, initially for milk, followed by the use of their labor both in agricultural settings and for carrying heavy loads across vast distances, such as on the Silk Road. Camels were then used in battle throughout many points in history, almost always delivering their humans to victory. Their use was almost always in bringing economic development to human civilizations, and they played a vital role in the advancement human society. But throughout their extensive use, they have almost always been overlooked for their contributions, if not physically ignored in times of drought or difficult economic situations. In biblical times, camels were considered dirty, lowly creatures, despite their use for transport of valuables. In other modern cultures, camels are used as a cultural symbol, but still utilized for their economic value in events such as camel racing. Even in the instances that camels were used to aid war efforts, their were disbanded and ignored post-war. These invaluable creatures have aided the development of civilization beyond quantifiable measures, but they are not even given the valued status of other animals, such as the noble horse. Why is this? I believe an explanation could be the desire for humans to collect credit for their developments. Instead of giving credit to the resilient efforts of camels, humans would rather value their brave efforts in battle, or their strength in moving goods across expansive trails to economically develop their civilizations. But even though human history has failed to acknowledge the camel, I hope my work can serve as a small piece of gratitude to hard-working, relentless animals. I can’t even image my own world without the propulsion that camels gave to human society. And even if no one else can be convinced, I, for one, am grateful.