The PhD Project est. 1994

I ran across a post, The PhD Project moves ahead, and thought that it was interesting how a non-profit organization has increased minority faculty in business schools since 1994 to 2011 from 294 faculty to 1100 faculty.  Their next projects are to increase minority deans in business.  Today, only about 3 percent of all business school deans are from underrepresented minority groups.  The PhD Project is supported by KPMG and other corporations.  I wonder due to this sponsorship, if the professors or colleges/universities that hire these professors are indebted to their sponsors.  Moreover, what are the strategies that this project uses?  Additionally, I think this Project sounds great and possibly other organizations could be established to increase minorities in areas beyond business.

Perhaps other organizations could seek support from other businesses or government.  I am curious if discipline specific minority faculty recruiting organizations are more successful in increasing minority faculty when compared to non-specific discipline minority recruiting organizations.  I would argue that the discipline specific organization may be more effective since a network of other minority faculty in that discipline can be established and maintained.  An example of a non-specific discipline minority recruiting organization is the Compact for Faculty Diversity/Institute on Teaching and Mentoring.   I had the opportunity to attend this Institute last Fall and it was a powerful sight to see other minorities seeking professorships.  Additionally, many networks were made and a career fair was present.  However, it was a little harder to connect in my discipline because either there were very few people who were in my discipline or I did not have the chance to meet them.  There were a large amount of graduate students at this Institute.  A recommendation that I made for next year is that we not only have workshops where I meet the scholars who received the same travel award as myself but that there is a meet and greet based on discipline.  I encourage other graduate students to apply to attend this Institute because the training at this Institute was really beneficial.  I learned things there that I had not learned while in lab or in my graduate school classes.

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