Journals that accept “ALL Research Results”

So from our discussion in today’s class, I was curious what journals accept “failures”.  There were actually more journals than I anticipated.  Also there are journals in different disciplines where negative/null results are welcomed.  When I get some extra time, I plan to skim one of the articles in one of the below journals.  This is encouraging to know that you can publish even if you do not have positive results.  Also everyone can probably learn something from reading an articles in one of these journals or in another journal related to your discipline that accepts negative/null results. Below is a list of some journals:

The ALL Results Journals (Biology, Nano, Chemistry, Physics); Journal of Negative Results in BiomedicineJournal of Negative Results — Ecology and Evolutionary BiologyJournal of Pharmaceutical Negative ResultsBioFlukes-Journal of ErrologyJournal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis (psychology); Journal of Universal Computer Sciences (negative results forum); PLoS ONE 

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