Incoming college students more liberal on hot-button political & social issues

According to the press release, first year college students political and social issues views shifted in a more liberal direction according to the 2011 CIRP Freshman Survey. Notable changes were seen in student views on same-sex marriage, affirmative action and access to higher education for undocumented students. Additionally, more students indicated that as college students, they expected to discuss course content with their peers outside of class. With this upswing in academic orientation, we find a decrease in some behaviors than can hinder academic performance, such as fewer students who drank alcohol in high-school, which has dropped to an all-time low. Also fewer students stated that undocumented workers should be denied access to public education

One thing that I wanted to highlight in the survey results is that students reported talking with their peers outside of class more about course content. However, in the press release they didn’t state the duration or frequency or type of content.  But it does give hope to that maybe students are thinking beyond the classroom walls even if it does not appear that way while they are in class.

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