Research Task 6

I acknowledge that I should have looked at the research timeline and made it my best friend like Shelby suggested.  I did not do that.  I probably also should not have registered to take the GRE on the day after Reading Day as that was probably the worst decision I have ever made in my life.  I did collect information, research, and write all semester like she said to though, so I’m not completely lost and have made some good progress.

I started getting tired off my topic and frustrated with where I was with the research.  I’m really passionate about homelessness and have been for a long time.  I realized partway through this semester that while I’m passionate about one half o f my topic, I don’t have a lot of experience with the other half, that being disasters.  I can do all the research in the world but without having any firsthand direct experience related to it, I’m never going to get this project to go where I want it to, and that has been very frustrating for me this semester.

Because I realized I can’t get it to go where I want, I decided to tweak it a bit.  Something I do have experience with is the social aspect of homelessness, based on previous activities I’ve been involved in.  I really believe in social equality and justice, and don’t think that discrimination of homeless people is right or fair, and I wanted to show that.  I didn’t want to completely give up the part about natural disasters, especially because they largely contribute to the high rates of homelessness in some areas.

Because homelessness is a very complex and diverse issue that has many different contributing factors and resulting outcomes, it was hard to manage this topic and keep it concise and following one avenue.  When it was time to have our groups get together and review each others’ research so far, my group had a very difficult time meeting as peoples’ schedules kept changing.  I think meeting at that point would have been very important and helpful in helping me to reorganize my thoughts and keep my topic going in the right direction.  Ultimately I think I would like to continue researching this topic and further explore all of the factors related to homelessness, so when I think about everything that’s involved, I get excited about how much there is to read about.  However, that’s just not possible with this project, so I’ve been trying to keep my focus on the original topic to help me keep the topic continuing in an organized manner.

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