Testut–Task 6

I should probably have listened to Shelby’s advice at the beginning of the semester and looked at the Research timeline more often.  If I had I wouldn’t be sitting her at 1:30 in the morning typing this while stressing for a test tomorrow.  I also probably wouldn’t have missed the last task either, mistakes were made recently and only a lot of coffee tonight can fix that.  Regardless, before we left for break, my research paper had yet to actually reach the argument part.  I had a really long background section that I had already cut six pages out of and continue to cut each time I revise my work (it’s still too long which may affect the project as a whole but History major over here thinks all parts of Burmese history is important to the rhetorical analysis I am doing.)  I knew that I was going to analyze the archetypal metaphors used in each narrative but had yet to communicate that in the paper.  The professor helping me, Dr. Howell, and I have been meeting fairly regularly to develop the argument and work through each narrative.  I went into break with the intention to make the argument and finally finish my first draft of my research.  Fortunately, I was able to knock that out and am now working on last minute revisions in preparation for Friday’s looming due date (I really hope it’s due at 11:59 pm).  I am continuing to edit, cut back on background information, and make this research the best it can

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