Research Task #6

I was feeling very lost and frustrated with my research. I decided to go back to my research’s roots and think about Sri Lanka and re-watch the documentary Happy. I remembered why I started all this. It’s so inspiring to see a person completely happy in their occupation, but there is more to it. In Happy, they find that practically all happy people have one thing in common: a strong source of social support. Close family, close friends, and social support in conjunction with a satisfying job and meeting basic human needs is the essential recipe for happiness and well-being. Why was that so hard to figure out? The filmmakers travel all over the world and interview happy people who live deep in the bayou, who live in a shack in India and drive a rickshaw for a living, and who live in a commune in Denmark – they all have close family and friends who function together as a supportive unit. I have a good direction in mind now and I’m ready to wrap this project up.

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